Sunday, May 17, 2015

Plan Nerd Sunday!

Hello, this is Cathy from
Mimi's Craft Corner and it's my
turn to share ideas for

My confession on this Sunday is
that I don't always stamp in my 
planner weekly!
I know - SHOCK!

What I do is have these little
post it notes ready when I don't have time!
I've shared these before, but wanted to
give you some ideas on how to use them.

I keep a pad of these notes with me at all time
and when I think of something that is needed on my list
I just write it out and add it to 
my ECLP.

For the weekends, my To Do are 
usually of a shopping nature and
it's time for that Honey Do List!
The stamps came from Plan Nerd Stamp Set

Let's not forget all those times your
heart aches for someone and what they
are going through.  You want to add them
to your prayer list, but are afraid you will
forget before you get home.  I have a
pad of these ready also!

I can't tell you how many times these
little guys have saved me!

Now before I leave you today, I wanted to give you a 
quick idea for all of you insta photo gals.

I found these on clearance at Hobby Lobby.
Perfect size for 3x3 notes ( my absolute all
time fav size note to create!! ) but look how much fun they
are with photos.

It's an instant background of color, in
the perfect size!  These will fit lovely in your
ECLP or your Midori Travel Planner.

Create beautiful photo displays in seconds
and add that special touch with
Bella Creationz Stamp set

Happy Sunday!



Julie Odil said...

Great ideas, here! Love how you used the stamps.

Karen (karey2005) said...

Great ideas. Love those post it notes!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! :)

Colortypes Sophie said...

Good ideas!

Mom2Two (Jenni) said...

loving the sticky notes!! Great idea!!

Beeceecreativity said...

perfect sticky notes.. cool idea

Unknown said...

Cathy, these are SUCH a great idea!!!! love it!