Sunday, May 24, 2015

PlanNERD Sunday - Fitness

Hi guys, Maria here from Maria Lina's Creative Designs. Here we are with another planNERD Sunday post. This month I started my workout program, so it was time to pull out the Plan To Be Fit stamp set. I did switch it up a bit by using the water bottle instead of the cups, which was a nice change. As you can see throughout I continue to use the PlaNERD, PlaNERD 2 and the Plan To Be Fit stamps sets.  These stamps are so much fun to play with and it helps keep my planner nice and tidy.

I love the little "Epic Day" stamp from PlanNERD 2, especially since I had 2 epic days this week, my Wedding Anniversary and Mother's Day.
I had some really nice "Me Time" this week, again using PlanNERD 2
so loving the inspiration from the Plan To Be Fit Stamps, the swirly arrow, heart and everything in between from the other stamp sets
more fitness inspiration for this coming week...always plan ahead
Plan To Be Fit

PlanNERD 2

Have a great day!!!


Julie Odil said...

Great use of those PlanNerd stamps. Your planner is so colorful and looks very busy!

Karen (karey2005) said...

What a fun planner. So colorful!

Colortypes Sophie said...

Pretty, colorful pages!

Mom2Two (Jenni) said...

Love all your plannerd ideas!!

Beeceecreativity said...

great journaling pages with cool accents

Unknown said...

love the pages!! and that you are getting all of your water in. ;)

pad said...

hi maria, nice idea for plannerd!