Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blog Hop Winner!

Sorry we are a day late announcing the Timeless Twine & Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbon blog hop winner! Things have been crazy since we are so close to the holidays. There is really just never enough time in the day. Truly it seems like when you get into the month of December that you only have a few weeks of it total so therefore Christmas preparations should happen WAY before December but if you are like me that just never happens.

I always plan (plan being the operative word here) to make Christmas cards for my friends and family and you would think being a crafter that I could at least make that happen. Unfortunately I cannot even manage to get that done. I wish I was Samantha from Bewitched right about now.

Although I never thought Darin was cute enough for her so Darin would have to be someone else if I am wishing and all. Someone like say....the ROCK yeah that about does it for me. Course I would seriously NEVER get a thing done if the Rock was my husband. He is just too dreamy. Uh so back to reality, the Rock is not here and I have to accept the fact that he isn't coming to my house. :(

Well someone is getting good news cause the winner of the Blog Hop is ASHLEY!!!! Here is what Ashley said:

Sorry this isn't too clear but snagging it off the internet doesn't make a great pic and then I enlarged it so you all could read it. My old eyes was thinking what is that dot on the screen!

Ashley W please contact us at to claim your Gift Certificate code and instructions! Congrats to you Ashley!

I want to thank everyone for joining us for the blog hop. We appreciate your support and your comments!

We have alot of good things coming in the New Year so we look forward to more events and projects to share with you all.

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