Thursday, August 29, 2013

Twine Storage + Review

Hello Blogland Friends!

Melissa here today! August is almost over (now someone tell Mother Nature because we have a high of 93 degrees today!) and I wanted to show you how I store my twine as well as a look back at my projects this month :)

Here's the storage:

I have them on a kitchen item I found at The Container Store. It's really for lids but I think these were only like $7 each! I have 2 of them here, I need a new one for the new Sorbet colors! 

I use my twine WAY more now that I have the gorgeous colors displayed!

I was having some fun with my iPhone and the panoramic feature. This is my craft room! I have to be able to see my stuff!

And a look back:

I used the Sorbet collection this month because I can't get enough of those colors!

Image of Timeless Twine Sorbet Collection - Choose your color

Thanks for stopping by! Have a twine-tastic day!


Annette Allen said...

what a fabulous post Melissa.. Love your crafty space and how you store your twine.. thanks for sharing..

awesome cute cards..

Kerry said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE the way you hold the twine, GENIUS!!! Awesome craft space and your cards are too cute!

Kristy said...

Love how you store your twine!!! Your crafty spot is amazing!! Those cards are so, so cute, too!!! : )


quilt4fun2 said...

Great idea...I have to see my stuff too. Out of sight out of mind :D
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

Rose said...

love how your room is set up and how you store the fab twine :)
awesome items girl :)

Lucy E. said...

Nice storage! I also have to see things to remember to use them. I need to get my crafts in order.

DebC said...

Fabulous idea of how to store the twine! Love it
Deb C

Leslie Hanna said...

those are like the IKEA lid storage thingies I use for my washi tape. I think in my new place I'll use mine for twine and come up with something else for the washi. I've kinda outgrown existing space. *ahem*

~amy~ said...

GREAT idea Melissa! Love seeing your crafty FUN!!!

AWESOME cards!

Unknown said...

Oh whoa!! I love yr crafting place and love how u store the twines!! Yay! I hope to try that too!:D:D

Amy Kolling said...

Awesome room and way to store your twine!!!!

Shorty Creations said...

Awesome craft room! And I love how you used the twine on those cards =)

Melisa Alzammar said...

I love how you store your twine Melissa. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing pictures of your scrappy area.

Brianna loeffelbein said...

Great way of storing your twine, I need to find a new system, mine is on Jaydens old baby bottle drying rack right now!!