Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's Up, Doc?

Hi Everybody!
Jenny from Crazy About Cricut!  Welcome to 3D Thursday, where we get to highlight this fabulous twine on a project that isn't flat.  How fun is that??!!  Well, I was cruising Pinterest, and came across this cool idea for winding twine on a project from this blog HERE.  I decided to try this idea on a little smaller scale.  Here's how it turned out:

*I started out by taking some packing paper, and shaping it into a cone.
*I put a strip of the adhesive down one side to help hold the twine in place.  I didn't put it all over, because although it dries clear I didn't want any shiny, dry glue showing.
*Then I just wrapped the twine around.

*When it was time to do the carrot stem, I started by wrapping a piece of the double sided tape around the top.
*Next, I wove the Olive Green twine up and down.  To finish it off, I wrapped more Olive Green around and covered up the bottom weaved part.
*After trimming a bit of the top off, the stem was done!

Here is the final product.........
*I love how the Solid Orange twine looks, and added a carrot using the Pumpkin Orange twine for a bit of pop.
*What's Up, Doc??  That bunny is ready to nibble on those delicious lookin' carrots, lol!

*Aren't those the cutest carrots ever??  I like how they're a little bumpy, and look more like real carrots.  It did take a couple of hours to do all 3, but I just sat with some music on, and it was pretty relaxing just sitting and winding twine :)
*I think these will make some fun Easter home decor!

Click on the pictures below to grab the Timeless Twine/Bella Creationz supplies I used:

I hope you enjoyed my project!  Make sure to check back daily for more inspiration from the design team.  TFL, and hope everyone has a chance to craft today :)


Julie Odil said...

Jenny, these are really fun! I need to try these.

Karen (karey2005) said...

Those are very fun! What a great way to add a little Easter to the decor!

Bev Code said...

super cute.. fun idea.. great project

DebC said...

Such a cute idea, great job

Timeless Twine said...

FUN-tastic! I love them!

Maria Calderone said...

Clever and fun idea!

Colortypes Sophie said...

They are really cute!

Mimi said...

Totally genius!

Amber (Best Stamped Intentions) said...

these are SUCH a fun decoration for Easter!!! Love them!!

Mom2Two (Jenni) said...

WOWOWOWOW So awesome!! Cute decorations!