Tuesday, April 16, 2013

*{Let Your Tuesday be Perfectly Imperfect}*

There's so much pressure these days...to have the perfect image, the perfect page, the perfect dinner, the perfect job, life, car, spouse, children, facebook page, cookie recipe, shoes, children, dogs, nails...see where I'm going with this? How can you possibly do this?!??!! The answer: you simply can't.

Repeat this to yourself: I am enough. My life is enough. It doesn't matter if it isn't a Martha Stewart print ad in a magazine. (I love Martha and I could strive my whole day away and not even come close...why? Because I was created to be me. I was wired to be the way I am, odd at times....quirky, imperfect.) Feel better now?  You should. I have a new mantra lately...given all the recent events, the craziness in this world, listening to friends who are grieving, friends who are struggling, the daily struggles we all face...besides simply being grateful that I have another day here...I need to do my best to *{MAKE IT MATTER}*...making each day your best day...or if it's a completely poopalicious day...trying to find something good in the day...and I am encouraging you to take this on in your life if you don't already. It's so easy to get caught up in something simple and making it into a ridiculous, epic episode. Life is too short. It's ok to have a messy entryway...see layout pictured below. I'm trying to relax my OCD and be imperfect. 

 Make it Matter ❤ Make it Matter ❤ Make it Matter 

I used the awesome following twine for this layout:

Image of Gray Bakers Twine by Timeless Twine - "Graphite Gray"

Graphite Gray

Image of Olive Green Timeless Twine™

Olive Green

Image of Aqua Blue TIMELESS TWINE™

Aqua Blue

❤ Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday & that you make it matter. 


Annette said...

such an awesome layout.. love the mist and how you used the twine... LOVE IT

Timeless Twine said...

Amazing LO and a very beautiful post! Love your outlook on life! I totally agree =)

Sue D said...

Great advice!

~amy~ said...

Such a great post! LOVE the layout!!!

Happy Scrapper said...

Yet another fantastic layout!!! You rock at these :)

Barb Wagar said...

Thanks for your words of inspiration to love oneself as is. So sweet to hear it.

Kristy Scraptasticalkreations said...

Stunning!!! Your layouts using twine are always amazing!!! LOVE it!! : )


Melisa Alzammar said...

I love your layout. It is amazing. The washi tape is a great addition :) I need to use mine more often