Friday, April 26, 2013

Ampersand tutorial!

Heyyie morning guys!!

Hope the week has been good to you!:D For today, I am going to show a short tutorial on how to create your very own professional-looking stitch pattern with your Timeless Twine!:)

Materials you may need:
1. Heavy duty board
2. Paper piercer 
3. Timeless Twine thread
4. Needle
5. Cardstock
6. Stencil

Firstly, use a pencil(this is done in pen for better illustration*) to trace around the stencil or any cuts (Cameo cuts work very well too). 

Then, use a needle piercer to pierce through areas around the Ampersand (because the thread will form a straight line,so pierce more holes around the curves to get a smooth coverage).

And you are done!:D

A very professional looking Ampersand indeed!:)

Twines used:

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Thanks for dropping by and have a twine-fastic day! Take care and God bless!



Annette said...

great tutorial...thanks for sharing..

Timeless Twine said...

Love this and the tutorial is fabulous!

Cassandra Chen said...

Thanks girls!:)

Cindy C. said...

How cool!!!

~amy~ said...

super FUN!

Happy Scrapper said...

I just LOVE this idea, how fun!! I will for sure be trying this!!

Shorty Creations said...

Love it!!! Great tutorial too =D

Melissa Shea said...

awesome tut! cute card :)

Kristy said...

I love this and this would be so awesome on a layout! : )