Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Sign: Cristina

Hi Twine Lovers

Today  I just wanted to share with you this adorable Halloween Sign that I made with my Timeless Twine

Halloween Sign

I make my twine extra strong  so I can use it to hang the sign
I turned it into a Twine Rope.

I took a long Length of Twine (you want this to be about 4-5 times longer than you need it to be).

I folded it Half

I then handed the ends  Length to DH and kept the other end in my hand. At the same time we just twisted the ends very tightly until the whole twine was folded in Half

Carefully we walked back together  to make your ends meet. and Found the middle. Holding only "new middle" we let go of the other ends, and the two twisted ends entertwine together. 

at this point the Yarn Twine will be very twisted together, you just need to straighten it you

I'm probably describing it horribly but it's really super simple.

1. super long twine
2. fold in half
3. twist twist twist
4. fold in half.
5. Only hold by new "half"
6. Straighten out 
7. tie a knot in one of the ends
8. use in your project

I think I need to make a video on how to do this. It's easy I swear!

if you look close you can see how my twine is now rope!!

I also used my Timeless Twine to Attach the Sign Boards together


To do this, all you do is thread your twine together the holds in your board a few times. I think the magic number is 3. Then take 1 end of the string and wrap it around the  middle of the strings that between the signs (hopes this makes sense) and take the other end, wrap it around, then tie it in a bow


Hope you like my project and that it gives you more ideas on how you use your twine

have a great day!


Timeless Twine said...

Amazing!!!! Love this sign and how you used the twine! I am not a very good reading comprehension gal (visual), so I will keep my fingers crossed for a video tutorial.

Rose said...

this is too fun!!! thanks for the tip on the twine :)

Annette said...

how totally adorable..