Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Father Card

I am late as usual getting a card done for Father's Day, 
but I got it done and it was super fun to make.
It's always hard for me to make masculine cards
because I love glitter and pink.
I had to add a lil' girly embellishment, but hey, 
it's from his only daughter out of four kids.

Here is close up of the hand distressed edges.

So the details:

Cardstock:  Kraft and White
Notebook Paper:  Index Card cut to size =D
Ink: Momento in Rich Cocoa
Stamps: Stampin' Up "Well Scripted"
Felt Flower:  Bella Creationz (handmade by me)
Burlap Top Note:  Bella Creationz (handmade by me)

I don't think I left anything out....but if I did, please feel free to ask.
Thanks for looking and do not forget to
check out this Months Challenge


Annette said...

really the burlap background...

Timeless Twine said...

Thanks Annette =D

bonnie said...

I'm right with you there...I too love glitter and pink and totally struggle with mail cards...I think you did an awesome job, this card is fabulous!! ;) Hugs x

Timeless Twine said...

Thanks Bonnie~ I guess it's better late than never, LOL!!! I wish I could just take a picture and send it, but I guess it wouldn't have the same effect! Have a twine-tastic day =D