Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wacky Timeless Twine!

What is Wacky Timeless Twine?  Well, Wacky Twine from Timeless Twine is not perfect, but still has plenty of twine to create beautiful projects.  These spools of Wacky Twine still have about 120 yards of useful Timeless Twine. There may be a few blemishes, wound a lil' wacky, wound a lil' small, or just didn't meet our quality control standards.

There is now a limited quantity available at Bella Creationz .  I also found some Wacky Christmas Timeless Twine.  Perfect for this holiday season and at a "Twinetastic" price!!!  Head on over and get yours now before they sell out.  Wacky Timeless Twine is only available here.


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