Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As most of you already know, I am still pretty new to the Blogging world.  I have tried to do research on Blog designs and to be honest, I still don't have a clue and time just isn't on my side this time of year, LOL!  I was wondering if any of you know of a really good Blog Designer to help me!  I need a blog design and button.  I would be FOREVER grateful for a few recommendations.  Thanks =D



Anonymous said...

Kristine Davidson used to do it, check with her. She is awesome: http://kristinedavidson.blogspot.com/


crazyaboutcricut said...

Shabby Vanity did my blog, and I was super happy with her design! Here's her site:


Annette said...

This site has a three step process for making a blog..

hope you find what you are looking for..

Timeless Twine said...

Thanks everyone for the recommendations! I look forward to browsing their pages =D

Raven B said...

I can make you one!!! Email me thatsmerb at gmail dot com. I have set up a ton of blinkies and blogs. ;)


v said...

Yeah! Raven to the rescue!

When will you be announcing the DT members??

~Vanessa W

DebC said...

I would help you! I'm not a professional but I have done several blogs that I can give you the blog address on. I am learning more and more. I would do it for you for free!
Deb C

Therese said...

If you wanted to create your own blog button, here is a blog post I did http://taragona.blogspot.com/2011/07/blog-buttons.html, that features Musings of a house wife. She had a great tutorial, but I was a little lost on some parts, so I made my version of the tutorial. Hope it helps.

DebC said...

Would you like me to make you a button until you decide what you want to do or who you want to help you? My offer of course still stands but i can make you a button so people can grab it for their sites.
Deb c

Timeless Twine said...

Thanks everyone for your input! I think I got it for now. This stuff is tricky! Therese, I used your tutorial....so THANKS a BUNCH!!!!!!!!

Emily said...

Try this girl... her designs are AWESOME!! http://www.dreamlikemagicblog.com/