Friday, August 28, 2015

Note to Self

Hi everyone!! 
Amber with Best Stamped Intentions here with today's PL Inspiration post.
As I've been doing strictly Project Life for 2.5 years now, I'm finding my "process" change.  I used to do our spreads on a weekly basis, but now that Neysa is older and is busy with school/dance/playing with friends, I was finding that our weeks were getting kind of repetitive and boring. :)  So, I've switched to a monthly spread.  I do specific events (dance competitions, holidays, a friend's birthday party, etc. for example) together, and then I usually have a few pages of random stuff that we've done throughout the month that's notable, but not necessarily belonging to anything specific.
My very favorite part of doing it monthly is going back through my Momento app, and doing screen shot prints of the funny (or sometimes not so funny.) things that have happened that or that Neysa has said that I've posted in Instagram or Facebook.  Using the Design F protector, I cut them down to 3x4 squares and scrapbook them just as I would a picture.  I love looking back (especially since it's now the end of August and today's project is from April....) and re-living those moments. 
That's what it's all about, right??
Here's April 2015:
I am TOTALLY diggin' the flower card with the random petals stitched with Cape Cod Twine!
Timehop makes for some fun screen shots as well. :) 
I did another twine frame around the bottom right picture.  I really love how it gives it some dimension.
These doilies are FABULOUS for adding even more texture/depth to your basic cards. 

I'll be back September 6th with my very first PlanNerd post!  I'm pretty excited for that. :)
xoxo, Amber
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Anonymous said...

Cool idea with the snapshots, layout looks great! :)

Karen (karey2005) said...

Love the lay-out! Very clever use of the twine and fabulous use of the social media shots! Love it!

Colortypes Sophie said...

How interesting! Lovely page!