Saturday, February 28, 2015

Shaker Clip for your planner

Debbie here from Craftin' Chaos and today is "Shaker Saturday" and since I have recently gotten into planners I wanted to combine my love of making paperclips with my design team project so a shaker clip was born!

I created the owl file in my silhouette program from scratch. Believe it or not my first run of this worked as far as sizing and everything! I used some clear acetate and cut two circles of it one for the first layer and then I cut multiple layers of the paper to create a raised area for the sequins to sit in cause I was not going to attempt pop dots or foam tape. Then I used another circle of acetate to seal it up and another layer for the back. I love this little clip! The sequins move around great, although I would prefer to use a smaller sequin in this size it still shakes even though it is a small space.

The colors are a fushia pink and a really pretty turquoise color. I used the Raspberry Pink to create a fun tassel to tie onto my planner and a mix of sequins. Some are not in the shop yet (stars etc) but you can find a bunch of mixes Stacy has in the store and more to come!

I didn't actually stamp anything in my planner because the month we are on is Green in my planner and so it just didn't go with the colors I have here so I just moved to a page in my planner that looked good with my tassel and clip. But check out Bella Creationz planner stamps in the shop!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Amazing Crochet Flowers and other fun techniques

Hi .. Bev here today. I am super excited today to share these super cute flowers made using Lemonade Yellow Bella Creationz Timeless Twine.
I used the youtube link below to follow to create these precious flowers.

Trying to use cricut machine more often... so many fun things that you really
can do.... when you take the time and make the effort in creating.
Rather than just gluing down a twine flourish freehand I used cricut and the cricu
markers to colour my card front... above. 
Space your art work to fit the 5x7" card size... leaving extra around the 
edges to be centred and cut.

Above is the centred and cut card front.

I added glue following the flourish shape and added my timeless twine.
I also punched some corners and partial borders.

This is my finished easel card. Lots of fabulous fun twine flowers, twine flourish, border twine, 
and awesome sequins in the base that was also cricut marker printed.

Up close you can see the twine flourish and flowers detailing, the punching
and also used Bella Creationz sequins to accent the card.

Up close in this shot the fun cricut marker based border and the wrapped
rows of twine on the base if perfect.

In this close up you get a side view of the super fun easel card base.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's Up, Doc?

Hi Everybody!
Jenny from Crazy About Cricut!  Welcome to 3D Thursday, where we get to highlight this fabulous twine on a project that isn't flat.  How fun is that??!!  Well, I was cruising Pinterest, and came across this cool idea for winding twine on a project from this blog HERE.  I decided to try this idea on a little smaller scale.  Here's how it turned out:

*I started out by taking some packing paper, and shaping it into a cone.
*I put a strip of the adhesive down one side to help hold the twine in place.  I didn't put it all over, because although it dries clear I didn't want any shiny, dry glue showing.
*Then I just wrapped the twine around.

*When it was time to do the carrot stem, I started by wrapping a piece of the double sided tape around the top.
*Next, I wove the Olive Green twine up and down.  To finish it off, I wrapped more Olive Green around and covered up the bottom weaved part.
*After trimming a bit of the top off, the stem was done!

Here is the final product.........
*I love how the Solid Orange twine looks, and added a carrot using the Pumpkin Orange twine for a bit of pop.
*What's Up, Doc??  That bunny is ready to nibble on those delicious lookin' carrots, lol!

*Aren't those the cutest carrots ever??  I like how they're a little bumpy, and look more like real carrots.  It did take a couple of hours to do all 3, but I just sat with some music on, and it was pretty relaxing just sitting and winding twine :)
*I think these will make some fun Easter home decor!

Click on the pictures below to grab the Timeless Twine/Bella Creationz supplies I used:

I hope you enjoyed my project!  Make sure to check back daily for more inspiration from the design team.  TFL, and hope everyone has a chance to craft today :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So Happy For You

Happy Hump Day everyone, Maria here from Maria Lina's Creative Designs. For today's theme I needed to create a project using the word "Happy". I decided to make this fun and cute little basket using my favorite color yellow, which makes ME happy!

Of course to complete the basket I added some awesome goodies from Bella Creationz and Timeless Twine... twine, doilies, baggies and the stamp set Happy Days.

I put caramels to the inside of the baggies and tied it off with some of the same twine used on the box to bring it together. The addition of the doilies I thought softened the look and made it much prettier and fun.

I never thought I could find so many uses for twine as I do now, it adds just the perfect touch to any project.

Be sure to stop by my blog for complete details!


Orange Licorice

Happy Days

4" Fancy Paper Lace Doilies

White French Fry Bags

Have a Great Day!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Technique Tuesday - Creating Your Own Cards w/Texture

Hi friends, happy Tuesday!!

Amber with Best Stamped Intentions with a fun little tutorial that I came up with for our "Technique Tuesday" and creating your own pocket scrapbooking cards with some fun texture. :)

1.  Take some cards (color and size of your choice!)
2. and spray with any kind of color spray.  I used Heidi Swapp's Color Shine.
(I misted in the kitchen...shhhh, don't tell my husband!!)
3.  Put into embossing folder and run through whatever embossing machine you've got.

4 and 5 are the completed embossed cards.
6 was actually a happy mistake that I didn't know I was making.  One of the cards was placed differently than the other creating a de-bossed look.  Kind of fun!

After your cards are dry (I left mine out overnight!), then comes the fun part of decorating them.

I used Timeless Twine in Lemonade YellowAqua BluePurple Passion, and Bubblegum Pink to add even more dimension than the embossing made.  I also added a few sequins in (Raspberry Pink) for some added sass. :)

xoxo, Amber

Monday, February 23, 2015

Move it Monday: Pajaki Chandelier

Salutations! Thank you for taking the time to join me today. Sophie here and from my earlier posts, you should gather by now that I REALLY LOVE COLOR. So, it is no surprise today that I went crazy once again with my twines and created my very own pajaki chandelier which I have been meaning to create for a while now. Pajaki chandeliers are decorative Polish paper mobiles typically made from straws and scrap paper. I love how festive they look and think they are the perfect embellishment to brighten any space!

In my interpretation of this darling project, I built the structure using red stripes paper straws and yellow polka dots paper straws before adorning it with tassels and mini pom-poms made using Lemonade Yellow Bakers Twine and twines from the Sorbet Collection. I also draped my beloved yellow bead necklace, which sadly broke, around it. Throw on some paper flowers and a gold doily at the base and I was truly happy.

See that tassel at the bottom of the chandelier? I decided that it would be fun to create it with two lengths and color of twine and the Timeless Twine Sorbet Collection twines complement each other so well for this purpose.

And with that, my chandelier is completed and I love how happy it makes me! Have fun creating one too!

4" Metallic Gold Lace Doilies

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Planning with Minnie

Debbie from Craftin Chaos and its a Plannerd Sunday. So I busted out the Erin Condren and used My "Plannerd Stamp Sets" and decorated up my planner. The stamps are so versatile it just works. The lines from the first Plannerd set fits perfectly in the squares. I love that you have a variety of shapes to use as check offs.

I use a Frixon pen so it is erasable and that is a lifesaver. All the supplies I used are listed below. The pages pretty much speak for themselves what I did to them. I like to have a memo or a To do list for various days and my Top 5 is my wish list. Trust me I didn't finish it but I have two more things I can add!!

If you are a PlanNERD you really should grab the planning sets by Bella Creationz.

Bella Creationz Stamps
Plannerd Set 
Plannerd Set 2
Day of the week journaling cards (soon to come)
Noted shaped graph card (soon to come)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Two words make me HAPPY! -- SHAKER CARD

Shaker cards & Sequins!
Really, how much more fun
can I take?  Hi, it's Cathy from
and I'm so excited to share two of my favorite
things.  I love making shaker cards and
I truly love sequins.

It's a bit gloomy in Indiana as we are facing
another cold and snowy weekend, so I
decided to create some sunshine on my own.

The sun is from the Silhouette store and seriously
using a cut from there is the EASIEST way to
create this fun card.  All you do is choose
what paper you want the sun cut from and load
white paper in for the rest.  The Silhouette cuts out
all the layers, you glue them together and add
in your fun sequins!  How fun and 

I used the following products by
Timeless Twine & BellaCreationz

Clearly Beloved Sequins

Lemonade Yellow Twine

Solid Black Twine

I added a little sprinkle of 
Martha Stewart chunky glitter
in my shaker and a sentiment
at the bottom.

What a fun card!

Thank you for stopping in to see me today.

Now - let's get shakin'!!!