Friday, July 31, 2015

Mrs Brimbles in the house!!

I had a really busy start to my week with personal stuff going on and therefore I didn't really have much need of my planner on Monday and Tuesday. That was fine with me though as it meant that I could stick pretty things down which does make me happ that and little doodles of ice creams. Well it has been hot and I have had ice cream on my mind lol!

This week I decided to change my ink pad. I decided to give my old drying up one a go to see what difference that would make in terms of my inking. I actually found it a bit on the easier side as it meant that I didn't make so many smudges although the ink colour isn't as intense as using the other ink pad. I really love the effect that it gave for the words and arrow that you can see on Wednesday. I really like that more muted / toned down look to the ink. I also realised that when I am stamping words, I quite like them without check off boxes next to them. I don't know why, but visually this speaks out to me a lot more. It looks much more 'typewritery' which I know isn't even proper English but I just love how it looks. 

I also decided to use little hearts for ticking off and I think I may be in love with them! It make the pesky housework all that much nicer don't you think!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Watermelon planner page

Deb here from Craftin' Chaos. I was to post that on Sunday but decided to wait until today. I want to work on some stickers and a clip to make my page layout.

Its all about watermelon's today. The clips turned out cute and I love the pages. I used the new weekend plans stamp set as well as plan to be fit, plannerd sets. Bella Creationz has so many fun stamp sets and even if they are not "planner" stamps you can utilize just about any of the stamps for your planner. I like to use the little sets like Hello Summer etc. too.

Links to products are below

Stamp sets:

Friday, July 24, 2015

Guest Designer Anna Brim

I have been loving the flamingo craze (can we call it craze? Yes I think so) and mega pleased that it has also found it's way into the stationery and planner world! I have been using and loving the Bella Creationz Flamingo Dashboard. It is just so beautifully pink and kitsch, I totally love it and it goes so beautifully against the hot pink inside my gold Color Crush planner from Websters pages...

On the planning stamps front I am still experimenting and learning but I am slowly getting there. I am still learning when enough ink is enough ink on a stamp and I am finding that I am smudging less and less now. I have gone from the nervous to the actually really loving and enjoying it stage.

The project stamp is perfect for me for my blog post scheduling. The stamp fits perfectly into the day section which is great. I wanted to use it this week to see how I got on with it and I think it is great. I am not sure that I would want to use it on every day as it might take over but as I am going to be seperating out my personal and blogging and working life from each other, this will be perfect to use in my blog planner.

I did get a little bit carried away as you can see though I did actually forget to stamp the lines for my to do list and it all went a bit wobbly and not straight at all. Some people that would really bother I am sure but I am a bit wobbly so it suits me just fine lol!

See you next week!
Anna xx

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Fun

Summer lovin'.....  just kidding. 
I don't like summer.  I hate the heat and would take winter and snow year round if it were possible.
But, I digress.
Amber here from Best Stamped Intentions with some fun, summer-y inspiration for you!!
One fun thing about summer is all of the water games that my little girl gets to play.  We recently went to a "Family Celebration" of my best friend who's husband adopted her 2 boys.  What an amazing experience for them. 
So what do we do to celebrate?  We party.  And by party, I mean make a giant slip and slide down a hill at the park by their house. :)
Full spread.

My very first Fused pocket!  I need some top line isn't very straight.  I also double stamped the "hello summer" which is new for me.  Black on bottom, and yellow on top.

This twine frame was fun to make and turned out SUPER cute!  I will be doing this on more layouts. :) 
I used Raspberry Lemonade twine to make it.  Adds a lot of dimension on a pretty flat project!  I also used the Hello Summer stamps, which are on sale for $7.50 right now!!  Inside of the Fused pockets, I added Bella Creationz sequins, and some random fine glitter I had laying around my craft room.
This will be my last post before we move into our new house!  I'm stoked to get my new scrapbook area up and ready to use. :)
xoxo, Amber

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sending some sunshine

Debbie here from Craftin' Chaos and today I wanted to knock out a few clips and it was my time to post so I thought I would create a cute little pocket to add a clip in. We were to use the "Hello Summer" stamp set and Raspberry Twine so it was perfect to make the sun clip I needed to make and make this cute little pouch to send it in.

I love this!! I am so going to make more of these little pouches to send a few special clips out to friends. The sun is from Cricut Create a Critter. I NEVER use my cricut but I wanted a sun and this was a cute one so I changed up my normal routine of using my silhouette.

I created the little pouch by just shapes. I know there are dies out there just like this but I don't really buy many dies because most anything I want can be made on the silhouette. I made a extra layer for an accent piece. Punched a hole in the top and added the twine and it was a simple quick little project.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Extraordinary Goodness with Twines and Stamp!

Hi friends! So good to back in here and share with you what I make using pretty Raspberry Lemonade Twines and Hello Summer Stamps. Other supplies I used are from Cartabella, Dear Lizzy and Prima Marketing. I make a simple single layout and I just love it!

Supplies I use :

Raspberry Lemonade Twines

Hello Summer

Have a nice day!


Friday, July 17, 2015

Guest Designer Anna Brim

My Foray into the Planner stamping World.

Hellloooooo everyone! Thank you so much for having me over on the blog to have a chat with you all and share my planner. So my name is Anna but most people in the social media world know me as Mrs Brimbles. This is a nickname that kind of, well stuck after I married Mr B lol! I live in a small village in Cambridgeshire, UK with my high school sweetheart, three bunnies and two guinea pigs. Life here is often loud and it is always fun. I have a little bit of a thing for 80s pop music and am not afraid to blast it round the house!

I have been a planner pretty much all my life. When I was in secondary school we were given planners from our teachers (branded with the school logo) to use for keeping track of homework and attendance that sort of thing. Little did they know that they were setting my up for a life as a planner addict huh. I wasn't too keen on school but I do have them to thank for getting me into planners. When I left University in 2002 (you can do the maths on my age) and stepped out into the World of 'real work', I bought my first Filofax. 13 years later (oh heck…really, is it 13 years!) I am well and truly a planner nerd with a variety of planners.

I love to use social media and ogle over the planner pages that people are often sharing, can we just say that some of them truly blow my mind with their creativity! I have been coveting planner stamps for a while now and have often wondered if I should take the plunge or not. Everyone loves them and really raves about them so I assume that people now class them as their planning essential? I really felt like I was missing out.

I have to say I part of the reason that I wasn't getting any or using any is a lack of confidence. I am not a paper crafter (really), I don't make cards and I don't scrapbook. I create messy, mixed media art, mainly in my journal. There is no room in what I do for precise stamped images and because of that I was a bit scared to use stamps. What if I messed up and didn't get that precise stamped look, my pages would then be ruined! This is the kind of thing I tell people off for when it comes to art yet here I am doing the same sort of thing with planner pages and stamps lol!

I have been doing One Book July which I started after I had already decorated a week in my Color Crush planner so I decided that this would be a really good week to try some stamping out on. I wasn't using it as my main planner so if I mucked it all up it wouldn't effect my week. I got everything out on the breakfast bar so I could see what I had and to let me familiarise myself with my stamps. Then off I went. I was like a kid in a sweet shop! It took me a while because I was learning how to use a stamping block as I have never used one before and the ink pad that I have is all dry and crusty so I had to get used to a nice brand new ink pad too. I did get ink all over my fingers which also resulted in a smudge on my page but it was all good fun. I managed to get a couple of snaps of the chaos with my iphone to show you...

So all in all, it took me a while to get used to because I had never done it before but it was super easy and super fun and I really love how it turned out in the end! I really enjoyed my foray into the planner stamp World and I am looking forward to sharing future posts with you!

**Thank you Anna for joining us!! You can look forward to several more post from Anna in the coming weeks!!! She has graciously said she would do several weeks with us and I can't wait to see what she shares!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hello Summer Card

Hi everyone, Maria here from Maria Lina's Creative Designs. For todays project I decided to make a card, I used "Hello Summer" stamp set from Bella Creationz and "Raspberry Lemonade" twine. The patterned papers and the bee's are from a couple of Echo Park's paper collections from the last year or two. 

The banner die set is from Craftin Desert Diva's, the pink banner is actually the smaller banner cut in half which I then adhered to the top and bottom backside of the larger die, to make it appear longer. I put foam tape behind most of the layers, cut out some photo corners and voila, the card is complete!


Raspberry Lemonade

Hello Summer
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer-Time Fun

I {heart} summer.  Ok, it's a lie....I really hate summer.  It's hot.  BUT I love bright, fun, color-filled cards!  Karen N here from from Craftily Yours, and here's my bright, fun, color-filled SuMMeR card!

That super FuN twine is Timeless Twine in Raspberry Lemonade.  The sun and the sentiment are from Bella Creationz Hello Summer stamp-set.  (The flip-flops are from an old There She Goes stamp-set.)  The paper I used is from Basic Grey Hey Girl.

Have you seen all the pretty stuff over at the Bella Creationz/Timeless Twine etsy store.  More stuff is added all the time, so be sure to check it out!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Craftily yours,


Sunday, July 12, 2015

PlanNerd Sunday : My New Kikki.K Weekly Planner

Hi! It's me, Padni. Finally I back in here after a while not to active in blogging and scrapbook world, I was so busy because my house just renovated. But glad that I can share with you what I did to my new weekly planner from Kikki.K. I just love it and even more love it when I decorate it with Timeless Twine and Bella Creationz stuff : twines and stamp!
Here what I make.

the original Kikki.K Weekly Planner (before it was decorated by me)

after decorated

I use other supplies from Prima Marketing and MME, also I make my own tag and add it on planner

The Supplies :
Hello Summer

Raspberry Lemonade Twines

Have a nice day!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wind Storm!

Amber here from Best Stamped Intentions with some fun photo inspiration to wrap your week up with!
Here's the picture we were to use:
I loved the color combination in the picture, so I chose to focus on that.
Here's what I came up with:

A very clean and simple LO to document a pretty scary storm we had roll through Salt Lake City back in April.  Even with as simple as this LO is, the twine REALLY adds to it and makes it a little more fancy! :)
I used Cherry and Aqua twine (which are also ON SALE for $8/spool!!  SCORE!!), and my go-to Days of the Week journaling card.
xoxo, Amber