Sunday, May 3, 2015

PlanNERD Sunday: Movable Reminders

Hello Everyone! Sophie here and sharing with you a glimpse into my planner for this lovely month of May. For this month, I was inspired by Bella Creationz' newly launched stamps "Church Plans".

I decided that it would really help me in my daily devotion to have a bookmark that reminds me to read God's word and to pray. These bookmarks are special in that they are easily repositionable within each of my day's square. So after I am done with my devotion and prayer, I can move the corresponding magnetic bookmark into the next day's square.

What I did was to stamp the Bible and praying hands images on heart shaped stickers before adhering them to some gold cardstock. At the back of each heart, I attached a piece of magnet. In order to get the magnetic bookmarks to stay within a square, I repeated the steps above, but this time, I attached my heart stickers to black cardstock. These hearts are attached to the back of ,y planner page to keep the front magnets in place. You can also simplify the back magnets by simply using a piece of square magnet.

Some other details for my May pages - I went for a grey and blue color scheme this month and had fun hand cutting "m a y" from scrap pieces of paper I had around.

I decided to use those really cute flower-like stamps from the Oh Snap stamp set to demarcate important dates for design team deadlines that I have. Once I have completed the assignment, I could color-in the bloom as a note to myself. 

As always, I love that really awesome hydrate stamp from the planNERD stamp set. That is a permanent fixture on my monthly pages and it thrills me to no end to color-in or cancel each cup I drink.

All stamps used in my May pages can be found in the Bella Creationz online shop. It is closed for a few days, but will be re-opening shortly.

Thank you for joining me once again and I hope you have been inspired to create some moveable magnetic bookmarks for your planner. Have a fruitful and amazing May!


Julie Odil said...

This is wonderful! I love these planner pages.

Amber (Best Stamped Intentions) said...

I LOVE the outline around the "May". Great pages! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas, awesome planner! :)